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MCT Group offers a variety of container solutions in order to actively adapt to your needs. You can hire a container from MCT Group, to meet your needs, or you may purchase for a long-term solution. Additionally, if you have a specific idea in mind for a project, we can create your very own bespoke container to meet whatever needs you may have. At MCT Group, high quality solutions with reliable transport in the shortest possible timeframe is our priority!



You have…
– goods to be shipped.
– spare parts to be stored.
– the requirement for short or long term accommodation.

In accordance with size, weight, condition and special needs we supply the adequate container equipment which is necessary to realize your requirements. To be close to the point of business is our own high demand towards ourselves – whether it’s about the location or the quality of the container equipment. No matter if you require cargo worthy equipment in Germany, new containers in the USA or storage boxes in China, MCT is your reliable partner.



You want…
– to arrange mobile storage facilities for construction projects.
– to stock your beloved treasured of private property or house hold weather-proof.
– to create space to grow with your company.

To purchase a container with its high financial effort is not always the best solution for your needs. You may require containers for a short-term interim solution only or wish to get rid of a container quickly and smoothly after use again. Together with you, we compile a tailored rental solution at fair rates.



Buy Back

You have…
– shipped your good to the port of destination, stripped them and have no further use for the container now.
– developed a new market, though you are not in the position to re-export from there.
– a lack of knowledge about domestic customs procedures and need to get rid of a container after shipment.

A tailored transport solution may make it necessary to include a Plan-B for the container equipment which might not be needed anymore eventually after shipment. In the course of the progressive globalism you necessitate a globally set up partner which you can rely on in every part of the world – we at MCT offer you this advantage in competition.


Módulo Container


For specific projects of our clients we offer special containers which will be adjusted to your tastes and needs. Whether for use as an office or as a property; we have efficient solutions!


Assistance in Events

– attend regularly to events and fairs, for which you need exceptional positions, individualized and worthy of your company.
– need mobile sales surfaces or the opportunity for storage at events.
– want to set up your own business with a street vending stall or small shop.

For a long time containers were considered simple metal boxes, differentiated only by their length and height. Today, it is much more common for containers to become small shops, mobile grills or even small garden sheds, which can be transported from one place to another without any problem.
The desired container can fit perfectly with your individual planning: We are able to create a container that fits your measurements perfectly. We also take care of the container. We will be available during disassembly and installation for any help you may need.


One-Way Leasing

You want…
– an ideal transport solution without the disadvantage of high financial efforts.
– to avoid to hold the title of a container due to customs related reasons in a foreign destination.
– to achieve an advantage in competition against other carriers, if COC’s are not the best solution.

For quite some time the principle of “One-Way-Leasing” is highly appreciated and well demanded by freight forwards and carriers. Not only that there are massive financial savings due to the fact that containers are not purchased, you as user of a leasing container even benefit from inapplicable duties (e.g. customs clearance, sale etc.) for yourself in the destination, which normally come along with ownership of a container. Please do not hesitate to request a “OWL“-Proposal and increase your chances to conclude additional project shipments –the opportunity is yours!



Custom Clearance

Containers which arrive to the European Union from a third country and remain, are required to be customs cleared.
It will be our pleasure to be of your assistance in this regard.


Delivery with/without Lift-off (also Multimodal)

You require…
– containers to be deliver to your own or your customer’s facility.
– a container to be loaded at your loading dock for only a few hours with subsequent haulage.
– the possibility to have containers lifted off the chassis and placed on the ground at the destination.

Containers are not always needed ex container depots of seaports. You as unique user may require containers on-site – at your storing or loading facility, your local sports club or wherever your goods are ready for dispatch – and quite often you do not have the equipment to lift containers off of the chassis yourself.
We deliver container to your specified location and even arrange to offload it locally by crane or side loader. For the sake of saving dispositional efforts and costs, we always use container depots as close to your place as possible. To meet your expectations even more, we are furthermore capable of arranging inland water shipments – we are looking forward to offering you a favorable combined transport solution.


depot container


Below you can find the solutions that we can offer thanks to our depot:

repair container


Our containers are checked and repaired by our experts according to I.S.O. Standards. This ensures that the containers are wind and waterproof and can withstand any possible conditions.

Maintenance of the equipment

Whether you need to repair the existing paintwork, a complete reconstruction or just a clean out of the container, our trained team will take care of it for you.



Are you looking for a short or long term storage solution for your container? Contact us! We store your container securely and cost-effectively at our depot.

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